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방폭solar film - window에 폭발방지 및 탄환뚫고 오는 것 저지해 주는 특수 film 소개 건
군함의 window 에 제목의 film 을 붙인다면 전력 향상에 도움이 돼지 않겠는지요??
제품들은 제안을 어떻게 해 볼 수 있을지 궁금해서 소개해 봅니다.

저희가 대리점으로 있는 영국업체에서 취급하는 SG SAFETY FILM 이라는 제품입니다.
첨부 brochure 참조하십시오.
이것은 multi laminated polyester film 인데, 폭발방지(anti explosion protection) 과 총알 관통으로부터 약간의 방어를 해 준다고 합니다. 정확하게 delays or prevents 해준다고 합니다.
The SG SAFETY FILM that we offer is a multi-laminated polyester film that offers anti explosion protection and some protection from bullet penetration. It also delays or prevents intruders gaining access through a window by preventing the glass from being smashed, even if it is already damaged from a blast or bullets.

Test 도 충분히 받았다고 합니다.
The films have been tested and approved to BS EN 12600 1B1 which simulates the pressure exerted on a window from an explosion

4가지 type 의 제품이 있습니다.
We offer four types of the SG safety Film, offering increasing levels of protection (see our brochure attached):

1) SG SAFETY FILM STANDARD - fitted to the inside of the window offers a basic protection from accidental damage
2) SG SAFETY FILM PREMIUM - fitted to the inside of the window offers all round protection from explosion, fragmentation of glass and some protection from bullet penetration
3) SG SAFETY FILM ULTIMATE - fitted to the inside of the window offers all round protection from explosion, fragmentation of glass, protection from manual attack and increased protection from bullet penetration
4) SG SAFETY FILM PREMIUM EXTERIOR ? fitted to the outside of the window will double the protection when fitted with PREMIUM and ULTIMATE FILMS

There is also the need to use a special anti-explosion silicon compound that seals the small gap between the film and the window frame and ensures the whole of the window is protected.

정확한 사이즈를 알려주시면 미리 영국에서 모두 재단을 해서 yard 나 저희한테 보내주면 onboard 해서 처리하면 되겠습니다.

아래 누가 어떻게 test 했는지 알려줍니다.
The film has also been tested against the effects of small arms fire by a security officer from a UK ship management company, who is an ex Royal Marine. He tested a window with SG SAFETY FIM PREMIUM fitted on the inside of a window. The test was conducted at Barry Buddon Ranges in the UK in accordance with the UK Ministry of Defence range safety regulations and instructions. An SA 80 (5.56mm) rifle was utilised to simulate the pirates’ weapon of choice. The window was subjected to rapid fire and five shots fired accurately from a distance of 100mm. The results can be seen in the brochure . What amazed him most that even after the window had been shot at and damaged, when he then manually tried to break through the window with the film, he couldn’t, and spent 20 mins trying without success. On the back of the results his company has had SG SAFETY FILM PREMIUM fitted to both the inside and the outside of the windows on 70 ships.


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